Meat & Poultry Deliveries

Meat and poultry deliveries

Having around 200+ vehicles in our fleet and 65 dedicated members in our team, Aaditya Transport is committed to provide top-quality services across Victoria and South Australia.Transporting meat and poultry is not easy and must be handled with utmost care and precautions to avoid product deterioration but fortunately we have the right vehicle for you to transport meat and poultry with ease. Meat and poultry products must be refrigerated or frozen after processing and before shipment to inhibit spoilage and growth of pathogens and due to frequent fluctuation of temperature can lead to change in taste and appearance, So that we preserve and transport meat & poultry products in required temperature conditions. Effective control measures are essential at each point in the meat & poultry products distribution chain to prevent unintentional contamination, that’s why we transport meat and poultry products in a correct manner, to make sure no contamination takes place nor bacteria can grow on the product.

We ensure the different and proper guidelines for transportation of each of these products. We assist you in the transportation of the products in the shortest time possible as the time of transportation from producer to consumer must be as short as possible for a healthy fresh product. Not only is time important to guarantee a fresh product but proper packaging and checking for leaks and temperature is also essential before transportation. At Aaditya Transport we put meat and poultry products in packages, boxes or crates when transported and ensure Human contact should be limited with the products. We deliver the meat and poultry products with utmost concern and precaution, ensuring timely delivery of your consignment. At Aaditya Transport, we follow strict processes to properly handle our customers’ products and to ensure on-time pickups and deliveries.

If You want to place the Meet & Poultry Deliveries you are in the right place.