Bakery Deliveries

Our delivery network is the fastest and most reliable for bakery deliveries throughout Victoria. We deliver freshly baked goods in the shortest time possible, leaving no space for errors. With over 40 + refrigerated trucks at our disposal, we transport all your bakery items in the most efficient way possible. Bakery products like cakes & pastries can lose their shape and taste, if not preserved and transported in accurate temperature conditions. Our innovative and environmentally friendly approach towards cold transport ensures preservation of your temperature sensitive products while delivering higher returns on your investments. We have 200+ vehicles in our fleet that allows faster pull down time, that means the bakery products are still safe in case of vehicle breakdown.

Aaditya Transport uses high quality hygiene regimes and the latest technology to ensure the safe supply of important ingredients. We are providing a more efficient service for all industries within the supply chain keeping you up to date with the latest technology and ensure you receive high quality and reliable services from Aaditya transport. The professionals at Aaditya Transport will ensure timely delivery of your consignment and guarantee customer’s satisfaction with their performance and hassle- free customer service.

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